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We LIVE Tweeted the MTV VMAs, Here’s What Happened…


We LIVE Tweeted the MTV VMAs, Here’s What Happened…

If you watched the MTV VMAs hosted by Miley Cyrus, you already know that it was pretty much a night full of odd surprises. FlippenMusic’s Sean Garcia and Mimi Hong took over the @flippenmusic twitter account to give fans their insight throughout the night. This is what happened…

“Bad Blood” Between Niki Minaj and Taylor Swift

A few weeks ago the two stars were in a twitter feud but during the MTV VMAs, the two performed a mash-up of their songs. By the end of their set, the two ended up on the same platform with a hug showing fans that the two have settled their differences and there is no more bad blood between them.

While there was no bad blood between Niki Minaj and Taylor Swift, there seemed to be an issue going on between Niki Minaj and host Miley Cyrus. As Niki Minaj recieved her Moonman for Best Hip Hop Video, she ended her acceptance speech with, “And now…back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press. Miley, what’s good?

Justin Bieber Goes Emo

Justin Bieber rolled up to the VMAs with the following haircut…

When Bieber wrapped up his performance of “Where Are You Now” and his new song “What Do You Mean,” he lived up to the haircut by bawling his eyes out.

Miley Tried to Pull the Ellen Selfie…

Ellen took a selfie at the 2014 Oscar’s which Miley tried to re-create the this year’s VMAs. Ellen did it better. Miley’s selfie just looked like a Halloween party gone bad…

Kanye Takes The Stage…

Kanye West received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Upon receiving the award, West embraced a lengthy applause before beginning his lengthy acceptance speech.

…Announces He Will Run For President in 2020

From Kanye West taking over the stage for almost 30 minutes to Miley Cyrus’ nip slip during the live broadcast, we can say the night was a mess, a very entertaining mess. We want to thank everyone that tuned into our LIVE twitter session throughout the show. Be sure to follow us @flippenmusic for all your music updates.

Other Flippen Tweets From the Night…

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