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Watch Mat Kerekes of Citizen Perform Live with Anthony Green


Watch Mat Kerekes of Citizen Perform Live with Anthony Green

Anthony Green‘s Pixie Queen Tour may be over, but the memories have not yet ended. And guess who got to spend a whole month touring with him? Mat Kerekes of the beloved band known as Citizen.

Having just released his first full-length solo album, Luna & The Wild Blue Everything, Mat Kerekes embarked on the Pixie Queen Tour to share his art… and someone captured a great video of his live performance of “Direction.”

Accompanied by Anthony Green himself and bathed in glowing blue, red, and purple lights, Kerekes sang his heart out in front of an enormous crowd, armed with his guitar and his passion. It’s a little different from what you’d expect to hear on a Citizen record but it’s a good different. Hopefully we can expect more great music from Mat in the future because he’s got a good thing going here.

You can pick up a copy of Luna & The Wild Blue Everything here or listen on iTunes and Spotify.

Connect w/ Mat Kerekes:

22. CA. Writer. Will never say no to "Do you wanna get coffee?" but will say no to sleeping at a decent time.

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