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Tanner Jones (You Blew It!) Does Commentary for ‘Abendrot’


Tanner Jones (You Blew It!) Does Commentary for ‘Abendrot’

You Blew It! vocalist Tanner Jones recently took time to record commentary track-by-track for the band’s new album, Abendrot, which just released last week (and it is one of the most beautiful albums I’ve ever heard, I swear).


Review: You Blew It! – ‘Abendrot’

Jones’ audio commentary will be released on Triple Crown Records‘ YouTube channel, and as of right now, you can listen to the commentary for “Epaulette.”

Jones says that “Epaulette” is a tribute to his grandfather, who would drive him around while listening to Patsy Cline and take him to the airport to eat hot dogs and watch planes take off when he was a toddler. There may be a Patsy Cline lyric or two slipped in, although Jones says there’s no prizes if you find

The band will be going on tour with All Get Out and Free Throw beginning in February of next year. Tickets are currently on sale, and you can get them here.

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