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Sound Tracks: Sunday Rehab Playlist


Sound Tracks: Sunday Rehab Playlist

There’s almost nothing better than banging your head to some weekend jams. But the boisterous and galvanizing energy of a wild and hard-hitting Saturday night often gives way to a mellow, groggy, yet inspired Sunday morning. Sundays are a day to take it easy and recharge for the impending week. Here are some albums to listen to while you are relaxing off this past week.

Pretty Panic

Pretty. Odd. by Panic! at the Disco

Genre: Baroque Pop

In 2008, emo/pop punk band Panic! at the Disco released Pretty. Odd. three years after releasing their celebrated debut album, A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out.The four piece (at the time. Panic! has experienced several lineup changes since then) chose a more folkie approach for their sophomore album. Though the 15 track release may have been lost in the shuffle of P!ATD’s recent successful releases, I cannot help but reminisce when tapping my foot to feel-good tunes like “That Green Gentleman [Things Have Changed]”, ultra-candid songs about unrequited love such as “She Had the World” and surreal, and surreal, illustrative tracks like “Northern Downpour”.


Currents by Eisley

Genre: Indie pop

Now, for a band that has not gotten as much buzz as they deserve. Eisley, consisting predominately of siblings, began making music in 1997 when keyboardist Stacy DuPree was just 8-years-old. Since then, the band has released four full length albums and two EPs. What sets Eisley and their most recent release Currents apart is their use of three to four part harmony, syncopated percussion, organic guitar and piano, and melodically roaming vocal lines.  This album as well as more of their work is featured in many of my Spotify playlists geared towards blissful sleep and those mornings spent drifting between sleep and consciousness while staring at the ceiling.


Bones by Young Guns

Genre: Rock

Although these UK rockers have been around since ’09 I hadn’t heard of Young Guns until I was driving down a wide open highway in Texas listening to Sirius XM: Octane. The title track off of the 2012 release was the gateway to an electrifying brand of rock that has left me hungry for more ever since. The band covers topics such as self-reliance (“Bones”), regret (“Everything Ends”), hitting rock bottom (“Towers”) and ascending once again (“I Was Born, I Have Lived, I Will Surely Die”) all while reaching a broad range of listeners. If this album doesn’t get you out of bed feeling ambitious before 4 PM, I don’t know what will.

Also check out Young Guns’ newest singles “Speaking in Tongues” and “Rising Up”  and watch out for their new album Ones and Zeros  this summer.

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