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Sorority Noise Cover Song from Rick and Morty


Sorority Noise Cover Song from Rick and Morty

I have heard little about the TV show Rick and Morty and know even less about it, but Sorority Noise doing anything catches my attention automatically, so I decided to do some research. For those (like myself) who have never seen the show, Rick and Morty is an animated television series created for Adult Swim by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, in which “alcoholic scientist” Rick and his “easily influenced” grandson Morty divide their time between domestic life and interdimensional travel. I have never watched anything on Adult Swim but I’m sure there’s a certain kind of humor involved in these types of shows that attracts people.

The song that Sorority Noise covers doesn’t really have a name but the band calls it “Tiny Rick” and it comes from Season 2, Episode 7, in which Tiny Rick plays guitar. Although vocalist Cameron Boucher just posted the video today, the band recorded the cover a couple of weeks ago, after becoming infatuated with the scene during which the song takes place.

I watched the original version of the Tiny Rick song first, which is sung in a gravelly, old man’s voice and seems to be centered around the words “let me out,” and was pleasantly surprised at the depth of such a short song written for an adult humor show. I listened to Sorority Noise’s cover immediately after and enjoyed immensely the direction in which they took the song. The electric guitar definitely adds extra dimension and energy to an originally acoustic song, and Cameron Boucher’s voice lifts the depressive tone to a more punk rock style. If you’re a fan of Rick and Morty–or if you’re not and you just like Sorority Noise (like me)–check out this cover. The band’s goal is to get the creators of the show to listen to “Tiny Rick” so share it with your friends!

Sorority Noise will be going on tour very soon with Knuckle Puck, Seaway, and Head North beginning October 14–catch me in the pit at the Chain Reaction date, punks.

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