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Show Review – The British Invasion Tour (Bullet For My Valentine/Asking Alexandria/While She Sleeps) + Short AA Interview


Show Review – The British Invasion Tour (Bullet For My Valentine/Asking Alexandria/While She Sleeps) + Short AA Interview

On March 1st, I went to the British Invasion Tour at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD. The lineup consisted of Bullet for My Valentine, Asking Alexandria, and While She Sleeps. Before the show, I went to interview Asking Alexandria frontman, Denis Stoff. I asked him a couple of questions about the tour and new music (see interview below this post).

Everyone was packed onto the floor and the balconies to see While She Sleeps, who was opening the show. When their set started, everyone down on the floor started losing their minds to WSS’ ‘Brainwashed’, which they opened with. WSS were the perfect band to open the tour, as they get kids warmed up and bring the energy. I’m pretty sure half of the crowd had never listened to their music, but were impressed by their stage presence and the heavy riffs they played. Their set was full of mosh pits, wall of deaths, countless jumping, and few people in the crowd singing along. While She Sleeps is definitely a band to check out if you haven’t, and definitely not a band to sleep on (no pun intended).

After WSS’ set, everyone was set to see Asking Alexandria. AA came on stage and opened their set with their hit single, ‘I Won’t Give In’. Everyone was singing their hearts out and the crowd was very much alive at this point in the show. AA even got the crowd more amped up by pulling a Slipknot, and asking everyone to get on the floor and jump back up before breaking into their 2011 song, ‘To The Stage’. The whole set was chock full of sing along’s and moshing left and right. AA’s return to the Fillmore was far from disappointing and I could already tell fans were already eager for them to come back as their set ended.

Everyone was so amped up to see the last band on the bill, Bullet for My Valentine. They opened with their heavy new single, ‘No Way Out’. Fans were moving all along the crowd and hyped up to see this wonderful band. I personally used to listen to this band when I was in Middle and High School, so it was refreshing to see them still going strong now. They got the crowd jumping when playing their hit single from 2010, ‘Your Betrayal’. This whole show was full of mosh pits and crowd surfing, but that did not slow down one bit during Bullet’s set. The crowd even got more excited during fan favorite songs like ‘4 Words To Choke Upon’ and ‘Scream Aim Fire’. I should commend them on their light show, as it was one of the best i’ve seen from a band. It went along well with their set and their songs, so that was a cool thing to see. Bullet’s set altogether was one to remember, as they were definitely one of the more well-put together bands i’ve seen live.

Check out my short interview with Denis Stoff of Asking Alexandria right here:

FM: So hi Denis, how’s the tour been so far?

DS: It’s been amazing man. Pretty much every single show has been sold out or close to sold out. Had so much fun with Bullet guys, While She Sleeps guys. It’s going really well man. 

FM: I just have one more question to ask. How have people been reacting to the new music? I know ‘The Black” just passed 5 million views on YouTube.

DS: I think it’s almost close to 6 million or something. It’s amazing man. Honestly, I was not even expecting the fans to take the new music so well. So, I’m very thankful.

Everyone go to the remaining dates of the British Invasion tour and the Bullet/AA tour in May!

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