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PREMIERE: LEAV/E/ARTH Begins Anew with “The Other Side”


PREMIERE: LEAV/E/ARTH Begins Anew with “The Other Side”

During the past year, Ohio natives LEAV/E/ARTH have been busy changing their name and music from the light rock sound of Visionaries to the dark and haunting tone you hear today.

Singer and frontwoman Leah Stenger told us more about this change and growth in the band: “Over time, we grew and we became different, and we made the decision to take a good amount of time while writing to really figure out not only our sound as a group, but our own personal strengths as well. To finally come together as a whole again, it felt different. It didn’t feel like Visionaries. This was something new, and so we decided to treat it as such with a new name.”

While writing and recording a new album, the band deleted all their social media and opted to start anew.

“Leaving Visionaries behind wasn’t as difficult as we thought it would be because we not only felt like we outgrew that sound and title, but mostly because we were much more excited about all of the new things ahead of us,” Stenger continues.

So with a new name and sound (that reminds us of Evanescence), LEAV/E/ARTH began the writing and recording process to show the world that they mean business.

“The new album has a theme of disconnection, and so ‘LEAV/E/ARTH’ seemed to fit perfectly with the idea of disconnecting with our past and working to build a better future,” Stenger reveals.

The first single is called “The Other Side” and gives listeners an idea of to expect from LEAV/E/ARTH.

“’The Other Side’ was a very literal representation of disconnection that was portrayed in this album, as it is about having an out of body experience,” Stenger says. “The literal disconnection also relates well to the idea behind the name, and so it all came together very well.”

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

LEAV/E/ARTH’s full-length will be released this summer so stay connected with them below:


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