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New We Came As Romans Track featuring – Themselves?


New We Came As Romans Track featuring – Themselves?

Today is a very special day. We Came As Romans vocalist Kyle Pavone has had the honor of featuring on a brand new We Came As Romans song titled Bastard.

Detroit’s ferocious hardcore outfit has been doing exceptionally well in the genre. In a scene filled with dad rock bands, edgy emo core with mad hair and makeup game, and artists signed to labels who’s alumni includes ACDC and Beyoncé, it’s no wonder WCAR has stepped up their game by featuring their own singer on their music. If this isn’t marketing genius, then I don’t know what is.

Make sure to catch WCAR’s hometown show on November 14th. For some reason we were only able to find a misprinted flyer with a band called Crucible headlining, but an edgy looking Dave Stephens is more than enough proof that WCAR is most definitely the headliner of this hardcore revolution.

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