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New From First to Last Single, featuring Sonny Moore (AKA Skrillex) Singing and Travis Barker on Drums


New From First to Last Single, featuring Sonny Moore (AKA Skrillex) Singing and Travis Barker on Drums


Wait, what year is it?

Yep, you read the headline correct. Its 2017, and From First to Last have just dropped a brand new track with their original singer Sonny Moore, who many new fans may know from his EDM-moniker, Skrillex. The release of the new track is coupled with even more From First to Last news, so make sure to continue reading below!

Without further adieu, stream it via Spotify here:

Also noteworthy is the drums on the track were performed by percussion legend and blink-182 kit master Travis Barker, according to an Instagram post by Sumerian Records CEO Ash Avildsen:

It obviously appears the band are still signed to Sumerian Records, the Los Angeles-based metal label that released their most recent album, 2013’s Dead Trees which featured Periphery frontman Spencer Sotelo on vocals. Spencer has since parted ways with the band and is in no way involved with the new track.

Sonny Moore was the front man of the band for their first two full length releases, 2004’s Dear Diary… and 2006’s Heroine. He left the band in 2007, citing vocal chord issues and to pursue his electronic project Skrillex, which soon became a household name within the EDM community. Matt Good, lead guitarist and songwriter, stepped to the front for 2008’s self-titled LP, and 2010’s Throne to the Wolves prior to the bands first major hiatus. Dead Trees marked a return from that hiatus in 2013, but no tours followed and the band was presumed to be on the shelf once again. Until now!

Also interesting is the following Reddit comment made by an anonymous user with regards to the bands reunion on /r/PostHardcore:

“Since it’s Friday the 13th, figured I’d throw a bone out. The new songs are more like Dear Diary than Heroine. Sonny really pushes his limits. A tour is in the works in support of the album, pinning down everything is hard so at the earliest would be Spring of 2018 if everything goes well, could even be Late Fall 2017. So far it’s looking to be a one off tour but depending on how things progress it could be something more.

Also look out for the secret show. One’s in the city of angels and the others where mariah carey’s tech got fired.”

Comment from discussion .

If this is true, we have a full blown From First to Last reunion here: expect an album later this year or in early 2018, and a tour to follow.

What does this mean for Sonny’s Skrillex project? Who knows, but he presumably will not be completely shelving the ultra-successful Skrillex any time soon. In the meantime, however, 2008 Warped Tour enthusiasts around the globe rejoice!

What do you think of the new From First to Last track? Drop us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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