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Myka, Relocate’s ‘The Young Souls’


Myka, Relocate’s ‘The Young Souls’

Captivation and instilled eagerness has never come so easily for Myka, Relocate fans. Following the release of three debut singles (“New Again“, “Cold Hearts” and “Bring You Home“) the Texas natives are set to release their sophomore album “The Young Souls” October 30. The Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie veterans are competing against no one but themselves with a spectacular debut release already on their resume in “Lies to Light The Way” out in 2013. Its safe to say, the band has beat themselves with their upcoming release “The Young Souls“.

Discovering the young post hardcore outfit before any label success, I’ve been following Myka, Relocate since 2012. At the time, they were a band that constructed songs through a formula of what was popular at the time. Consistently compared to We Came As Romans, the similarities have never been more apparent with their upcoming release. While most would consider musical comparisons to be bland, this one is nothing short of an overwhelming compliment. Fronted by dual vocalists Michael Swank and John Ritter, the band has been able to master their craft.

This album consists of apparent changes that have highlighted this into a release that will hold shelf life. The vocal melodies on the album in correlation to alternating guitar patterns remind me of early Fall Out Boy. The comparison came to light when the energetic pop vibe was lined up along side the abundance of memorable verses’. Myka, Relocate has been able to find a formula on the album that varies from what everyone else is currently trying. The continuing comparison in recent music releases are labeled with genres such as nu-metal or mainstream rock. While the band was able to cement their own sound, they were able to take the best of both worlds and combine it with a touch of their own. Working with producers Eric Ron (Panic! At The Disco, Saosin) and Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, I See Stars) they were granted with some of the best weapons in the industry. The album consists of various realms, as expected. Featuring heavier tracks such as “Eyes Wide Shut” and “Rescue Me”, the album is full of new songs that  one will hope to find on a set list in the near future. Adding to the variety, the songs that will stand on this album are listed below.

First listens

Cold Hearts” — One of the first three singles released from the album, “Cold Hearts” combines vigorous riffage with melodies that will have you rocking your head back and forth. The chorus  is so smooth that its one of those songs that you can listen to over and over again. Added to song is one of crushing breakdowns that you can typically find in a Myka, Relcoate song.

Idle Hands” — Beginning with an upbeat drum pattern quickly transforming into an angry piece, “Idle Hands” is accompanied by yet another impressive chorus that will capture the attention of live crowd. The screams vary from rough to perfect, capturing the emotion and effort the group has put into the writing process. Sneaking a quick breakdown in towards the ladder part of the song, all I can see is a crowd full of attendees out of breath after full participation with this song.

Only Steps Away” — The year is 2005, Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy are all the rage, 11 years later elements of their songs come back to life. From the dance pop chorus, clean guitar, and foot tapping drum patterns this particular song just adds to the arsenal of maturity shown in the second album.

Other highlights

The Young Souls

Final words

In a time where a majority of bands have a hard time capturing the attention of fans after one release, Myka, Relocate was able to go above and beyond with “The Young Souls”. The album is mature, technical, and straight up catchy. When this album releases, as long as it gets the proper push with tour support, Myka, Relocate will become a growing force for years to come.

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MCMXCII | Guitarist of Who We Are| Writer at FlippenMusic

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