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Meet Roy Purdy, the 18 Year Old Rapper Taking the Internet by Storm


Meet Roy Purdy, the 18 Year Old Rapper Taking the Internet by Storm

Meet Roy Purdy, the 18 Year Old Rapper Taking the Internet by Storm

You may recognize Roy Purdy as the high schooler who dabbed his way through graduation or taking on the running man challenge at school. While known mostly for his videos, the 18 year old from Appleton, Wisconsin also produces tracks with catchy hooks that are sure to be on repeat.

We had the opportunity to chat with Roy about music, influences, personal life and more. Here’s how it went down…

Hey man, so give us a bit of background info…
My name’s Roy Purdy, I’m an 18 year old song writer and video maker from Appleton, Wisconsin. I’ve lived in Appleton my whole life. Music has always been a big part of my life; however, I didn’t start recording original songs until freshman year of high school and it wasn’t until junior year that I really started taking music serious.

What are some of your influences when making music/videos?
I just try to be as creative as possible and really express my energetic happy personality. That’s the biggest part, is just expressing my personality and having fun with it.

What’s an artist or group that you really love that people might not expect given the type of music that you make?
I mostly listen to rap music, but when I’m not listening to rap you might find me playing some Jack Johnson; which you might not expect because I’m a very energetic dude and Jack Johnson’s music is very calm.

Out of all your music releases, which one are you the most proud of?
My favorite song is Guacamole. I think that best represents my personality and the style of music I like to create.

“Skate Rhyme” from 2013 was pretty much your first music release. During that time, were you looking to go into music? If not, when did you realize music was something you wanted to pursue?

I always wanted to do something with music, but I never really pursued it. It was just something I did on the side while I wasn’t skateboarding. But once I got all the equipment to record my own songs and got used to recording and writing original music I knew it was something I really wanted to pursue. Like I said earlier, I think it was around my junior year when I started taking music seriously.

When it comes to producing music/videos, do you produce thinking about whether or not people will like your content, or are you fine just as long as you’re happy with what you’re creating?
Yeah I definitely think it’s most important to be yourself and have fun, but I do think about what people will think sometimes. I don’t worry about if people will judge me or not, I dont care about that. But I might put thought into whether or not people will relate to something for example. Because I like connecting with, inspiring, and making people laugh. But yeah definitely if I’m happy with what I’ve created, then thats all that matters. because at the end of the day, making music is about having fun and expressing yourself.

Your “RunningManChallenge” and “when u graduated af” videos went viral. What are your thoughts on the online fame? Were you shocked by how your videos picked up? or has the shock worn off?
It’s definitely been crazy. I went from 2000 youtube subscribers to 35,000 in one month. It’s nice having a larger fan base that appreciates my music and videos. I was never really “shocked,” I just thought it was cool and was thankful for all the new fans/followers I was gaining.

Everything you do is pretty much out in public. You have videos messing around at the grocery store, school and even your local street market. Does anyone ever come up to you like “…what the fuck are you doing?”
Honestly, no. haha people just give me weird looks. Sometimes people will come up and talk to me, but usually they just look at me confused why I’m dancing in a banana costume.

What do your friends and family think about your music and videos? What do they think about your new “celebrity” status?
My family loves my videos haha. My little brother actually films most my videos. My friends support me too. Most of my friends are just skate rats though, I wish I had more friends who made music and videos.

Have you ever thought about performing live? If you could open for any artist, who would it be?
If I could open up for any artist it would be Lil Yachty.

Other than music and skating, what is another hobby you have? What is something that people wouldn’t necessarily know about you?
That’s about it actually. Music and skating is my life. It’s all I do.

What’s next for Roy Purdy? Where do you see yourself in a few years?
Honestly, I have no clue where I’ll be a year from now. I’m definitely trying to be musician full time though. So definitely expect to see more videos and music. I’m going to keep building up my social media presence and hopefully I will “blow up” and have a hit song between now and next year. That’s the goal at least.

Before we wrap up, I need some new music. What would you recommend?
larry league. Look them up on Soundcloud. They kill it.

Anything else you would like to say, closing thoughts?
Smile more, compliment strangers, skip instead of walking and dance all the time for no reason. Not that you need a reason to dance anyways… oh, and keep the good vibes flowin “#GoodVibes Only”

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