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Fun.’s Nate Ruess Debuts in Short Film, “The Grand Romantic”


Fun.’s Nate Ruess Debuts in Short Film, “The Grand Romantic”

Earlier this year, fun. reassured fans that the band would not be breaking up but it could be a year or two before releasing any new music.

While the band itself will not be releasing music, frontman Nate Ruess has been pretty busy with his own music career and now, his acting career. Following the release of his first solo album, Grand Romantic Fun.’s Nate Ruess was approached by Apple Music to debut in a short film.

Ruess bit the bullet, he says, when he realized he might not get another opportunity to do this “while [he] still wanted to make music.” Songs from his solo album make the film’s centerpiece, performed often with theatrical extravagance in Ruess’s daydreams.

Chapter one of this four-chapter film has been released and can be streamed below…

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