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Foxing Hit by Truck, Tour Plans Continue


Foxing Hit by Truck, Tour Plans Continue

St. Louis rock band Foxing were hit by a truck last night during their run with Mercury Girls and Balance & Composure.

According to a recent Facebook post, the band was pulled over on the side of the road when a truck managed to slide in their direction. The truck totaled the band’s tour van. Fortunately, all Foxing members survived and required “only one trip to the hospital.

Balance and Composure picked the band up at the hospital and have driven them to Portland where they hope to find a new tour van. The band is hoping to finish the tour despite the accident.

Read the the full post below:

The band later took to Twitter to thank everyone for helping them through this difficult time. Best of luck on the remainder of the tour Foxing!

Connect w/ Foxing:

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