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#FlippenHardHitters: Kortney Grinwis (of Favorite Weapon)


#FlippenHardHitters: Kortney Grinwis (of Favorite Weapon)

Introducing the #FlippenHardHitters playlist on Spotify! A catalog of tunes dedicated to Drummers by.. Drummers! This week’s featured hard-hitter is none-other than Favorite Weapon’s Kortney Grinwis!

“When sitting behind the kit, one of my favorite things to do is jam some alternative tracks with very simple drum beats, and improvise more technical parts over what’s already being played.” Says Grinwis “It helps me be more creative and learn a lot of different new styles that I can possibly incorporate into my own playing.”

To see what Grinwis is jamming subscribe to the playlist and jam away.

Catch Grinwis in our exclusive play-through of Favorite Weapon‘s “Let’s Shake On It” off their debut album on Rise RecordsSixty Sarragossa“.


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