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#FlippenHardHitters: Chris Kamrada (There For Tomorrow, Saints Of Valory)


#FlippenHardHitters: Chris Kamrada (There For Tomorrow, Saints Of Valory)

We’re pleased to welcome Chris Kamrada to this week’s #FlippenHardHitters Spotify Playlist! Among many American Alternative Drummers, there are few with quite the resume of Kamrada. With over a million views on his YouTube videos, the former There For Tomorrow drummer has appeared on records and on tour with artists like VersaEmerge, PVRIS, Sleepwave, The Dangerous Summer and more. When the 26 year old isn’t playing for his newest project Saints Of Valory (Atlantic/Elektra Records), he’s promoting his brand Collide Here. We can appreciate a man of many hats and that’s what make him this week’s Flippen Hard-Hitter!

“Here’s a playlist of a few songs I almost always listen to when I’m touring/traveling for work. I like to think of it as perfect headphone music.. My job requires a lot of exhausting moments; 10 hour rehearsal days, 12 hour studio session days, early bird flights & sitting in tour buses/sprinter vans for countless hours. That said – I tend to lean towards more chilled out & thought provoking music; especially after hearing a click-track metronome blaring in your ears for hours. The songs on this playlist help me recover and get inspired all over again. Feel good alt-y tracks, atmospheric/electronic tunes & some songs that I had the pleasure of writing/recording on! Enjoy.” – Kamrada

After finishing up tracks for the newest Fearless Records release (although he wont tell us who), Kamrada will be flying down to Miami this month to track on some more new stuff for PVRIS and then filling in for Hidden In Plain View at their “Life In Dreaming” 10th Anniversary Show in Hollywood, CA. What a busy guy!

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Connect with Chris Kamrada:

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