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Fall in Love with Foxing’s Beautiful Video for “Indica”


Fall in Love with Foxing’s Beautiful Video for “Indica”

When Foxing released Dealer in October of last year, it was one of the most beautiful albums I had ever listened to. Striking its own path away from The Albatross (2013) with its ethereal beauty and soothing sound, Dealer proved to be a magnificent step in a different direction, and the achievements only seem to pile on with the addition of a touching music video for “Indica.”

Admittedly, it is a little weird that the guy is watching video tapes of other people, but the videos are so cute and heartwarming–the couple getting ready in the bathroom together and messing around with the man’s shaving cream, the daughter climbing into bed with her parents–all moments that are meaningful and precious as time continues to take its toll on our lives. The visual impact of Conor Murphy standing back to back with Jess Abbot of Tancred while they sing is stunning, and her vocals lend a unique sound to an already amazing song. And of course, no one can ignore the exquisite notes of the trumpet solo, masterfully executed by Murphy himself, creating a fitting soundtrack for the memories being played on the screen.

A video that closely parallels bassist (and director) Josh Coll’s experiences after serving in the military, the video for “Indica” touches upon things that few people ponder or can understand without having been through it themselves, but through this masterpiece, we can catch a little glimpse of it, all of us like the surveillance operator who grew attached.

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