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Exclusive Interview with Light Up The Sky


Exclusive Interview with Light Up The Sky

Light Up The Sky is a Spokane, WA based Rock band recently signed to the Portland, OR based label, Rise Records. Their first single “I Will Never” (Cameron Mizell, Chango Studios) was released on September 8th, 2015. Their debut album is set to release March 18th, 2015. Catch them out on tour with Like Moths To Flames beginning March 10th in New Albany, Indiana routing down through the midwest and southern states, up the east coast and wrapping up April 1st in Columbus, OH. And catch an interview with Isaac Luna (bass) of Light Up The Sky below!

How does it feel to be only a few weeks away from your first ever tour?

Honestly, it’s insane. This has been our goal since day one and we’ve put years of work in to get to this point but I honestly thought it would never happen. It’s also crazy to be able to say this is our first tour ever and it has such a stacked lineup. Couldn’t be more stoked!

What were your first thoughts when you heard the finalized tour lineup?

I’m pretty sure I did a few laps around my house to celebrate. I haven’t seen a new band like us get such a solid first tour. Huge thanks to our team for that!

Have any of you guys been to the east coast before?

Just to Orlando to go to Disney world.

Are there any concerns you guys have about going on the road for the first time?

Yeah! How the fuck do you tour?! Everything about the touring side of music is so new to us. So everything is going to be a learning experience. Minus Brian, he’s toured before.

Brian is new to the band, correct? How did you guys come across the new guitarist?

Ray (vocals) saw a video of him playing guitar on his Facebook and he was killing it. At that time we were just looking for a fill in for a show we had in Spokane. He agreed to drive up to Spokane from Oregon to practice and play the show. He ended up being the perfect fit for us and decided to stay.

What has been the most difficult part about gearing up for your first tour?

Figuring out a good/different live show. We don’t want to be that band that just plays their 6 songs and gets off the stage. We wanna try and do some cool stuff in between songs and change up some of the parts in the songs for the live show.

Is there any song you’re looking forward to most to play live?

Body Right for sure.

Any particular reason why?

I feel like people are really going to question our band after listening to the lyrical content in that particular song.

What was it like working in the studio with Cameron Mizell while recording your debut single “I Will Never”?

It was amazing! We went in there with basic rough demos and little to no vocals and we were able to finish the entire record in (i think) 20 days. I’m so surprised on how well everything turned out, especially the vocals. Cameron is the vocal God.

What made you decide to record with Cameron?

He had written and recorded for so many successful bands such as Memphis May Fire, and Sleeping With Sirens. Plus we’ve been such huge fans of his style, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

How do you feel about hitting over 100k views on your first single, in just a couple short months?

It’s unreal to me! We haven’t toured a day in our careers and we did little to no promotion on the song. We kind of just put it out there. To see it hit over 100k relatively quick is mind blowing to me.

Anything you’d like to leave the fans with?

We can’t wait to meet and hangout with every single one of you!

Pre-Order Light Up The Sky’s debut album Nightlife here! Check out their Spring tour dates below.

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3/10 – New Albany, Indiana
3/11 – Chicago, Illinois
3/12 – Minneapolis, Minnesota
3/14 – St Louis, Missouri
3/17 – Houson, Texas
3/18 – Fort Worth, Texas
3/21 – Orlando, Florida
3/22 – Jacksonville, Florida
3/24 – Virginia Beach, Virginia
3/25 – Baltimore, Maryland
3/26 – Worcester, Massachusetts
3/28 – New York, New York
3/29 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3/30 – Rochester, New York
3/31 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
4/1 – Columbus, Ohio

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