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Discover: Small Circle


Discover: Small Circle

It’s always a great day when a new band decides to join the world, but even better when it’s a band comprising of members from some of your already-existing favorite bands.

Cue Small Circle, a modest group consisting of Sorority Noise members Cameron Boucher and Adam Ackerman, Rozwell Kid drummer Sean Hallock, and newcomer Marissa D’Elia as the vocalist–who claims she has never sung in a band before!

Small Circle - Melatonin

Small Circle premiered their new song, “Please Don’t Touch The Moon,” over at The A.V. Club, where you can listen to it. The track, with its dreamy guitar lines and D’Elia’s sultry vocals, is one of three on the band’s EP, Melatonin, which will be released tomorrow (April 1) on Bandcamp. Make sure to follow Small Circle on SoundCloud for upcoming tracks and updates!

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