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Discover: Palm Blush


Discover: Palm Blush

If you remember indie / pop group For The Foxes, you might have noticed that they stopped releasing new music and that their last Facebook post dates back to November 28, 2014. However, bassist Jonathan Brunner has started up his own project called Palm Blush and released his debut single, called “Your Body.”

Produced by former For The Foxes singer Nick Dungo and written by Brunner himself, “Your Body” is a sensual track with that synth-electronic sound and classic R&B feel, and it’ll definitely have you playing it on repeat. (I’ve already listened to it five times.) “Only your body can keep me warm. Oh, without you, I feel so torn. There are things that I’m afraid of and one of them is letting you go,” sings Brunner of an unnamed lover, his words trailing off as he admits his vulnerability.

Brunner revealed on Twitter that he definitely has plans for releasing singles and an EP this year. Having met and talked to Brunner after For The Foxes opened for Tonight Alive back in 2014, it will be exciting to see the places he and Palm Blush will go.

Listen to “Your Body” and let us know what you think!

Palm Blush Twitter | Instagram

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