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YouTube Announces YouTube For Artists


YouTube Announces YouTube For Artists

At SXSW this week, YouTube has revealed its new data tool, YouTube For Artists.  This data analytics tool – full and revised version to be launched at a later date – is to aid artists, managers, labels, agents, and promoters in using the YouTube service to its utmost efficiency to better develop the artists and reach the fans.

YouTube For Artists contains music insights, where artists, industry executives, and really anyone can see charts outlining analytics on streaming data.  This streaming data reveals the target demographic for a specific artist, ranging from country location all the way down to city location.  The data tool enables artists, promoters, and agents to utilize this information to deduce the best routing for an upcoming tour. This information is also useful as a tool for label and distribution executives working an upcoming album release. Knowledge of the popular demographic can enable a quicker process when deciding which record stores to populate most with an upcoming album and which record stores would be most logical to set up in-store performances and media buys.

The YouTube For Artists data tool focuses on optimizing an individual YouTube channel for maximum efficiency and learning how to engage fans on a deeper level, which will eventually lead to an increased and loyal fan base.  There is a huge focus on being personable and developing a deeper, more meaningful connection between the artist and fans.

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